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Free Free Free & Free

I have many free time &
I really free enough...

I have waiting for a job reply...
But I don't know why, the company keep postponed me the working date...
I really very bored at home...
Can yours please let me know as fast as possible???

Inside my brain now,
First come to my mind,
I wish to overcome my problem by seeking a job,
But I can't just do without any planning,
I have to plan to my future,
This year I already 21,
Not young and not old,
It was in the middle,
It was the time that I should find my way to go.

Now I really MISS...
Missing in my world,
May be I really think too much and make myself confuse...

Wishing me can find my own way...And keep hardworking to achieve the goal that I set in front of me...GOOD LUCK to you EUNICE...


Weekend At Penang

Today was a happy day,
That 1 day off together with my Dear Dear...

Today have not plan yet.
What to do?

I decide to take photo with Dear Dear
Because long time haven't take photo with him also

Must wear nicely and be happy ooo...^^


Happy Valentine To You ♥My Dear♥

I getting a very big surprise that given by you,
Your heart is my BIG GIFT,
Your smile is my GREAT MEMORY,

Remember that I have never ever get a bouquet of FLOWER from you,
Since we been together,
And I wish to get 1 from you,
especially on this special day,
But I don't ever want this to come true,
Because we have no more money to buy this kind of thing,
But I know if I got this from you My Dear,
I will happy until don't know what to say,
My tear will to drop down and without any reason,
But it was HAPPY TEAR♥

Today I go for working,
Because we have new launch project,
We have to go side for field trips with my colleague and manager together,
My colleague was reminded me,
would me be there by my own?
But I have not recognized,
So decide to go by my colleague car,
After we finish field trips,
It was already 7 something,
I wish to go back home to prepared everything,
But it was no choose for me,
And the only way was asked my colleague to send me back to office.

When I reach home,
It was already 8 something,
I was rushing to do preparation,
My dear was keep continue to ask me it is everything ready?
And I was try my best to be faster,
I was finish at 9,
My dear was so strange,
He was told me that he want to go somewhere to take something,
I was curious that what he want to take,
It was important enough?
He ask me to wait at car,
He go and take,
I was wait around 5 minutes time,
He come over and knock my car door,
And I was open up,
He ask me "It this anybody booking flower?"
He show me a bouquet of FLOWER,
I was happy enough and my HAPPY TEAR was drop down,

We decide to go gurney and wanted to have a movie together,
When we was outside,
It was really jam,
So I decide to walk down to the cinema 1st,
My Lovely Dear was go and find parking as well,
Today Cinema was full of people,
But it was a very long queue to buy ticket,
And actually we planning to have sushi together,
But there was already prepare to closing already.
What I have to do next,
I go and buy extra 1 gift for My Dear,^^
It was take more 15 minutes,
But My Dear was waiting down there,
It was very apologize to My Dear

We have no choose but to change our plan

We decide to have dinner at crepe cottage,
I capture every motion and he facial expression,

I have a great day and Happy Valentine Day in 2011.



My lovely Dog


An accident made him left us forever...

Today He was leave us already...
I don't know how to describe my feeling now...
I still rmb, as before, I was very scare to near and even touch dog...
This was my 1st time that I ever close to a pet...

He was not always a side of me,
He was stay at my Dear home,
But when I was going back to dear house,
What first come to my mind,
Except Dear's family member,
2nd will be my both dog,

When I was going back,
Sometime I was help them to take bath...
Sometime nothing to do, and I was free enough,
I choose to sit beside him and sayang him...
Sometime He hungry, Dear's sister will making food for him...
And I was look at him, though that the food was delicious enough...

I was remember, this morning I look at RAINBOW,
His's eye was so dirty,
I decide when I come back from Shopping Mall,
I will help him to take bath...

An accident was already occur...

RAINBOW, You are always be in my heart...
RAINBOW, You are always be into many people heart...
RAINBOW, I miss you always...
RAINBOW, I love you always...

May the god bless YOU rest in peace...


Bad Day


















































1st day (28/3)

This day all of us woke up early,

And pack up and preparing to go Dickson house…

We reach b4 8am, after breakfast we start our journey…

We reach Genting Highland at 3pm

All look like tired then we decide stay at apartment,

After finish our dinner we just go out to the indoor theme park,

Just go to look around and we all have watched a movie,

Name “How To Train Your Dragon”…

2nd Day (29/3)

After finish breakfast, we went out to play outdoor games…

Get the ticket, we start to play…

Play until 2pm, we want to find Dickson’ dad to get our lunch…

My lunch is a Tom Yam Bee Hun,

But my dear is do not like to eat…

So he could not finish it…

Many ppl can not finish all of their lunch meal…

May be because the meal of this three day is vegetarian food…

After our lunch, we go play a few indoor games,

Then their said feel hungry already,

Then we decide go to KFC to have meat meal…


I feel full, but finally I also order 1 set of meal…

But I really can not finish all…

Then leave to my dear to finish all…

My dear really very enjoy the food...

After this, we go back to apartment for taking some rest…

Actually we decide go out at 9pm/9.30pm…

But all of us can’t woke up at the time…

So cancel to go out for playing indoor games…

We playing card, watching movie and spend the whole night in the apartment…

3rd day (30/3)

2day I woke up at 10am…

All of us finish bath and pack up the entire thing at 11.30am,

Then go for our breakfast…

Finish breakfast, we have to bring our luggage to the ground floor…

We are waiting for settle the entire thing,

We on the back home journey…

We go to Ipoh for awhile and we are having our lunch there…

After that all of my friend and my dear want to have a bowling game at Ipoh Parade…

We go to having our dinner,

Then go back to Penang at 8pm…

2 more year I don’t have go to Genting Highland with friend…This time I go with my dear…This is also my first time go to travel with my bf and I was really enjoy the time…I Love You My Dear and I was really very enjoy the time that I spend with u…Hope can spend all the wonderful time with you…My Love…


Cute DoG “BaBy"

“BaBy”/ “Ah Bi”
This is a dog name,
but not my dog,
It a female dog...

The 1st time I saw her,
I feel so scare,
because she is barking me with my friend,
I dont want to walk near her,
and I feel so scare if I want give bite by her,
I am so scare,
when my friend and me want to go up stair,
sure will ask my friend to hold his dog,

1 day night, we feel so sudden,
she dont have bark us,
and also will come to us,
and now i'm miss her so much...